Weird Sound Generator DIY

Posted: 24. f 2008 in DIY, electronic music, master project, synthesizer
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I want a Weird Sound Generator so I can learn to solder and learn to make things myself. Stein from who recently bought my synth got me inspired to make some electronics myself. Besides, I’m also planning to use the wiring electronic board for my masters project. I got two of them, they’re quite similar to the arduino boards, only better with more possibilities. The problem is I get bored too easily..

  1. Ola says:

    Dævven ta. Her kom det mye schnaz på stutt ti.

    – Ola “the nerd” Nordal
    (som sitter og venter på sin tur på demoinnspilling)

  2. talfred says:

    ja trengte en liten kickstart! hva skal du spille inn? jeg sitter og jobber med helen & prettyboy petesangan. skal ut og ta ei øl nå, det har jeg fortjent!

  3. Super information Will definitely come back again soon!

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