Evelyn Glennie

Posted: 18. f 2008 in composers, musicians
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I saw a film about the scottish percussionist Evelyn Glennie called Touch The Sound. Since Evelyn is nearly deaf, she can’t hear sound the same way others can, instead she feels the frequencies through her body. Her favorite percussion instrument is the snare drum, but she plays lots of other instruments as well. In the film you can see her improvising with japanese percussionists and the british guitarist Fred Frith. According to Wikipedia she owns over 1800 percussion instruments.

This YouTube video is called How to listen to music with your hole body

To see Touch The Sound in pieces, try this link.

Evelyns internetpage: http://www.evelyn.co.uk/
Read about her on Wikipedia

  1. Ola says:

    Jeg har sett den dokumentaren. Ganske utrolig.
    Har forresten prøvd å ringe deg uten å komme gjennom. Prøver igjen i morgen.

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