Posted: 22. f 2008 in open sound control
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The Micro-OSC (or uOSC) is a new approach to computing and sending data from embedded devices (microcontrollers). This new standard promises floating point numbers, low latency, and seamless integration with OSC-based software. The OSC-protocol is implemented directly on the embedded device, this means the OSC signals are sent directly from the board to your OSC-port. Hopefully we can soon say goodbye to the old and rather slow serial protocol for good. If you use sensors or make your own electronics, the Micro-OSC is a great way to get your signals into programs such as Max, PD, Reaktor and Chuck. Lots of A/V computer programs already support the OSC standard.

Micro-OSC is now only working on two platforms:

According to the developers, they are working on an implementation for the ever so popular Arduino platform. Micro-OSC is developed at CNMAT at the University of California, Berkley.



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