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I kinda like this funky dude!


My favourite alt. country chick Neko Case has a new album, a tour that also includes Europe (but sadly not Norway), and she’s kind to animals as well. What a woman!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I suddenly rediscovered some material from the ARS Electronica festival, I was there in Linz, Austria in october. One part of the festival program is digital animation, and one of the best music videos we saw there has to be the song Black/White by danish band The Raveonettes. Check it out:

I really like Raveonettes music as well, they sound like a cross between the 50’s, The Ramones and The Jesus And Mary Chain..

I’m currently working hard on my master degree project. I’m making a controller / sequencer interface program for touch screen (sadly no multi-touch yet). The program will have various functions, among them the drum sequencer that you can see in this picture:


(never mind the colors, they are a little bit ugly)

When the sequencer is running, the signal settings of each drumstep is sent via Open Sound Control to the sound engine that will be a dsp program written in Max/MSP. In other words; my program will only function as a control sequencer with no internal audio. I’m hoping to be finished by the end of march, but there is still some work left I’m afraid..

Bon Iver Night drive

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I give you Bon Iver + someone driving at night:

I love videos w/driving through city at night!

Music: “Blood Bank” by Bon Iver
Video by david l

I usually avoid writing about apple products, but this video is ok:

It’s Brian Eno’s ambient music application for Iphone or Ipod Touch. Just flick your finger on the screen and piano tones pops up. It’s relaxing!


The Gibson Dark Fire is more than a beautiful guitar; it also has some fancy technology inside:

  • The strings  can be tuned automatically as in the Gibson Robot Guitar released in 2007 – not to be confused with auto tune..
  • Two regular pickups, the Burstbucker 3 humbucker and a P-90H singlecoil
  • Each string has a piezo pickup routed to a hexaphonic output
  • Lots of tone options : the sound from the six piezos can also be blended with the humbuckers
  • Built in four band parametric EQ for pickups and piezos – a wider range of sounds
  • The Robot Interface Pack connects the guitar to your pc via firewire
  • If you buy it you also get a Dark Fire edition of Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3
  • The guitar can be controlled from Guitar Rig
  • Listprice 3,499 USD
  • So if you can afford a high quality guitar that not many others have, this is it!

Here’s a short demo featuring Dark Fire inventor Chris Adams:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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