There’s a cool new synth made in Germany called the RozzBox V2.  It looks like this:



  • 4 oscilaltors plus noise, external input and ring modulation
  • waveforms: saw, pwm (pulse), triangle and wave
  • 14 additional waveforms +  2 waveforms that can be drawn by hand
  • 2 serial filters pr voice – one digital (lowpass/highpass), one analoge (low pass, 4 pole)
  • an expandend version of the synth has an extra tube filter
  • 4 operator FM engine with 7 algorithms
  • 2 adsr envelopes
  • 2 lfos
  • 4 independent sequencers pr voice
  • lots of hard wired modulations
  • 4 matrix modulations
  • each voice can be programmed and sequenced individually
  • MIDI in/out
  • Envelope follower input
  • Audio input
  • Individual outputs per voice (5) and main out
  • there’s even a serious controller for the synth called the RozzControl
  • up to 5 voices

Here’s a picture of the RozzControl, it’s mean!


Go to the Rozzbox website for sound demos

Expected prices
from the Rozzbox website

(this synth is not yet available)
RozzBox One V2 Synthesizer
1 voice:  560,00 Euro
1 voice w/ 1 tube filter: 839,00 Euro
5 voices: 939,00 Euro
5 voices w/ 1 tube filter: 1199,00 Euro
The RozzControl: 430,00 Euro

More info
L.L.Electronics website:
Post (with video) on Synthopia


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