Physical Heart, Virtual Body

Posted: 18. f 2009 in guitar
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New guitar deisgned at MIT Media Lab
Vodpod videos no longer available.

This guitar represents something very new in guitar design. By using a small woodplate with five piezo microphones coupled with a dsp audio chip that simulates a guitars body the researchers at MIT Media Lab has made an instrument that is capable of a wide range of inspiring sounds. It is possible to change the sound of the guitar by simply using a woodplate with another wood and profile. The piezo microphones pick up the sounds of the wood, and by using the dsp technology the guitar can be small but recreate the sound of larger acoustic guitars. The dsp opens a lot of possibilities regarding how sounds can be tweaked or even modulated while you play, all inside a regular size electric style guitar. they are currently working on a system that makes changing the woodplate easier.

Now this would be a great product, so I hope it sometime it will find it’s way out of the MIT Media Lab.

The project is discussed here.


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