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Today the swedish company Propellerhead released info about their new audio recording software application. It’s called Record, and the promo video is a bit funny:

Record will be available early September and will cost 299EUR.
For info and specs, go here:



Analogue Solutions has made a rack-mount version of their Semblance synth and called it Telemark. It seems like it’s got some additional controls (or a matrix?) as well, but there’s no more specific information yet. The Semblance itself is a clone of the Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module). I like the look of this thing.

Macbeth Studio Systems, makers of the cool M5N modular synth, has a new small keyboard synth in production. Its called the X-Factor and it looks like this (click for a big version):


I know, this small picture makes it look like a VST-plugin, but this one is real harware

Features include:

  • 3 oscillators with the usual waveforms, but also sine wave
  • Oscilaltor section has some additional parameters (pulse-width, symmetry, envelope  amount)
  • Modulator (that’s another name for LFO) – can be used for oscillator, filter and fm-modulation
  • Pink & white noise and external input
  • Filter/ Resonator
  • 2 envelope generators
  • Reverb! That’s a welcome feature
  • Keyboard with 44 keys (3.5 octaves)
  • Pitch bend and mod wheel
  • CV inputs and gate
  • Additional separate CV inputs to oscillators and filter
  • Separate outputs for oscillators, noise, LFO/Modulator and envelope generators

That’s a great set of features! No price and release date yet.

For more on Macbeth, here’s the page:

Similar product is the Analogue Solutions Leipzig-k keyboard, but this one has only 2 oscillators

I haven’t listened much to Jackson Browne, but he sure is a great artist! I just read that his grandmother grew up in Norway, and in the same article I found this picture:

This guitar Browne’s playing here is very nice; I really like these small body Gibsons, I even own one myself (LG-1 I think). Anybody knows what specific guitar it is he’s playing here? It looks like it’s an electro acoustic..

I would like to recomend Brownes acoustic live-album called Solo Acoustics Vol. 1. On the first track, The Barricades of Heaven, he plays a very good sounding Gibson Roy Smeck model.

For more on Jackson Browne and his guitars, there’s an article in Guitar Player