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I’d like to recommend the movie Be Here To Love Me (2005), a documentary about the late great Townes Van Zandt by director Margareth Brown. If you’re into Van Zandts music, this film is a must-see. Van Zandt was one of the most gifted new songwriters that grew up in the 60’s and he has left a mark on some of todays most influential artist of the country and americana genres.

Here is Nancy Griffith doing a great tribute to Townes playing one of my favourite songs, Tecumseh Valley:


Vodpod videos no longer available.

I just fell in love with the music of Bat for Lashes (mypsace: Natasha Khan is so gifted and she also has an experimental edge to her music. Her new album is called Two Suns and is released april 6. Daniel is the latest single.

Read an interview with Natasha Khan here

And another one here

Lately I’ve mostly been listening to music while driving taxi (I work as a taxi driver). I just discovered a new favourite record; Big Star’s Third / Sister Lovers. I’ve had it for a while, but haven’t paid much attention to it before now. There’s so many really good songs on that record, my favourite is Blue Moon (not the same as the Elvis song). I had previously heard that song as a cover by 4ad band His name is alive, but didn’t know until now it was written by Alex Chilton.

I’ve been listening to a lot of new norwegian music the last few months. I think the last couple of record’s I’ve bought has been by norwegian bands. There are some good new records out there. The record by I Was a King (released jan/feb 09) got some great reviews, I’ve been listening to it but I’m not all that impressed.. some of the songs are very good but others are just mediocre. Their best song Norman Bleik is very good indiepop music. Anne Lise Frøkedal sings in I Was a King, but her main band is Harry’s Gym, their new record is well worth a listen, it’s more synth-oriented and atmospheric, but it’s got some good songs and ideas.


Last year’s best norwegian record was IMHO Medea by Rockettothesky. The band is mostly Jenny Hval with some musicians helping her out. The record is experimental and atmospheric, and can sometimes sound a little bit like The Knife, but the sound is more organic and the compositions seems a little more developed than the swedes.

Interview with Jenny Hval on norwegian tv talking about her song Grizzly Man

This video is a live tv-performance with Neon Neon:

I’ve been listening to Neon Neons only record Stainless Style a lot lately. It’s a great sounding record with lots of synths, but some songs are guitarbased too, and there’s even some hip-hop there as well. It’s a side project by Super Furry Animals frontman Gruf Rhys and producer Boom Bip. The record is a concept album based on the life of “playboy” car designer John DeLorean. It’s a great record!

I also would like to recomend the norwegian hardcore band Rumble in Rhodos and their record Intentions from last year. Check it out on myspace.


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Pylon guitarist Randy Bewley RIP

Randy Bewely died yesterday after suffering a heart attack. Pylon was an american new wave / post punk band based in Athens, Georgia. They started in 1978 and they have released 5 albums and some eps and singles. They were one of a few important (and great) american post punk groups. You can read about them in Simon Reynolds book Rip it Up and Start Again: Post Punk 1978-1984

Read more about Pylon on Wikipedia
Pylon on Myspace
Review of the 2007 album reissue of Gyrate Plus (Gyrate orginally released 1980) on Pitchfork


One of my favourite Manchester bands, Doves, has a new album to be released april 6. That’s my birthday! The album is called Kingdom of Rust, and the first single goes by the same name. Here’s the video of the song:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Another song is already released, its called Jetstream:

You can download it from Doves official site.

Doves on Myspace


Electronic artist Richard Devine makes very interesting but intensive music in the Aphex Twin/Autchre domain.  He has a nice studio in Altlanta. There’s a feature on Richard Devine and his studio on the electron-users netsite, read it now as PDF.

Listen to his music at Myspace
Also check out

Endelig, ny plate fra Thåström


Den svenske artisten Joachim Thåström kommer snart med ny plate. Den slippes 13. mars og har fått tittelen “Kärlek är för dom”. Ingen sanger er ennå tilgjengelig, og myspacesiden ser ut til å ligge brakk. Jeg har likt Thåström siden hans forrige plate “Skebokvarnsv. 209” som kom i 2005. Den plata er rolig med veldig bra tekster. Her er en video fra sangen “Om Black Jim” fra den plata. Sangen handler om den svenske dikteren Dan Andersson som døde av cyanidforgiftning på et hotellrom i Stockholm i 1920. Andersson brukte pseudonymet Black Jim når han gav ut sine bøker.

Thåström har  spilt i bandene Ebba Grøn (1977-1983), Rymdimperiet (1981-1983), Imperiet (1983-1988), Peace, Love and Pitbulls (1992-1997) og gitt ut en plate med prosjektet Sällskapet (2007)

Turnéliste våren 2009

13. mars: Lund, Olympen
14. mars: Stockholm, Cirkus
18. mars: Skövde, Skövde Arena
19. mars: Oslo, Rockefeller
20. mars: Göteborg, Lisebergshallen
26. mars: Västerås, Bombardier Arena
27. mars: Linköping, Sporthallen
28. mars: Kristianstad, Idrottshallen
3. april: Huskvarna, Folkets Park
4. april: Karlstad, Nöjesfabriken

I tillegg skal han spille på følgende festivaler i sommer: Arvikafestivalen, Storsjöyran, Putte i Parken og Peace & Love.

Thåströms nettside er
Les mer om Thåström her

I kinda like this funky dude!