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Today I saw the movie Flight 666, a documentary about Iron Maidens Somewhere Back In Time Tour that took place last year. This movie is a tour documentary, telling the story of the band as they set out to play their biggest tour ever, flying from city to city in their own Boing 757 (called Ed Force One) with singer Bruce Dickinson as the pilot. It’s a big project that requiers a lot of planning; even the aircraft needs to be changed to take both the gear and the people.

The documentary only shows the first part of the tour; covering Asia, Australia and North & South America. The movie is full of energy from start to end, and it’s also a very funny movie to watch. Drummer Nicko McBrain is specially worth a mention as he talks continuously all through the movie, and does so in a funny way. There’s a lot of sports here as well; to stay healthy and keep up with the high tempo of the tour, Dave and Nico plays golf, Steve plays football, and Janick mostly hang in the bar. In the movie we meet a lot of Maidens crazy fans, they seem to go nuts in every visited city. There’s even some short interviews with people like Lars Ulrich and Tom Morello telling how much they love Iron Maiden.

My one critic of this movie is the sound quality, which in my opinion is too bad all the way. The sound is too cranked up in the mix, making the whole experience too tiring for most ears. Present nearly all the way is a low frequency hum from the surroundings caused by cheap microphones, making the speach unclear and sometimes impossible to understand. Even the concert footage sounds horrible, with vocals and guitar solos disappearing in the mess of the other instruments. The sounds in the rear surround speakers are often far too loud, manking it hard to hear the speach coming out of the center loudspeaker. By the way, mixing was done by Kevin Shirley, the music producer who has been working with the band since Brave New World (2000).

This movie captures the band at their most energic moments. It’s full of energy all the way, and it’s a good document of yet another successful tour where the band played for over 2 million people. It’s a must see for all maiden fans, and if you miss the screening it will be available on DVD soon. I hope they will fix the sound quality for the DVD version. Up the irons!



Now is your chance to see a great documentary about Joy Division free on I think the movie is available by online streaming for a short time only, so be quick. It’s the best music documentary I’ve seen.

The movie is made by Grant Gee who also made the Radiohead film Meeting People Is Easy. People interviewed includes Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, Peter Hook, Pete Shelly, Peter Saville, Tony Wilson, Annik Honoré, Richard H. Kirk, Genesis P. Orrige, Anton Corbijn and Paul Morley.

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Hva tok fyr?

Posted: 21. f 2008 in movies, other

I går var jeg på kino på Cinemateket i Trondheim for å se den japanske filmen Kvinnen i Sanden av Hiroshi Teshigahara. Denne filmen har jeg på et tidspunkt skrevet oppgave om i et fag på universitet, men har bare sett den på en dårlig vhs-kopi. Derfor gleda jeg meg til å se den på stort lerret. Men hva skjedde ca 50 min inne i filmen? Jo, den tok fyr.. Kvinnen i Sanden brant rett og slett opp i Prinsens sal 1. Hele kinoen måtte evakueres og jeg fant det best å tusle hjemover, for det var tvilsomt om resten av filmen kunne vises. Så i dag prøvde jeg å søke på “film tok fyr” for kanskje det sto noe om hendelsen i avisa tenkte jeg. I stedet for en liten agurknyhet fikk jeg selvfølgelig opp ei lang liste med ting som har tatt fyr, for eksempel:

  • Høylass tok fyr
  • Presten tok fyr i kirka
  • Iphone tok fyr
  • Diverse fremkomstmidler: fly, leiebilen, traktoren, Peugeot, mobilkran, godsvogn, gassbilen, lastebilen, søppelbilen, tilhengeren, dashbordet, campingvogna, skurtreskeren, Team-bussen, skolebussen, buss i tollen, folketom buss, skuta og en polsk varebil tok alle fyr
  • Jens Kristoffersens eldste båt tok fyr i formiddag
  • Ambulanse tok fyr på vei til brann
  • Grastaket tok fyr
  • Kjøkkenet tok fyr, og pizzaovnen, stekepanna og en kontakt tok også fyr
  • Datamaskiner som har tatt fyr: Mac, Samsung-Pc og Lenovo-Pc har tatt fyr, PSP  tok fyr i bukselommen, hk tok fyr under overklokking
  • Hodet tok fyr
  • Strømmast tok fyr
  • Pasienten tok også fyr, på legesenteret
  • Dyna tok fyr midt på natta (hmm.. synes å huske at det også skjedde meg en gang i et uoppmerksomt øyeblikk)
  • Vedstabel tok fyr
  • Noe tok fyr ved badestampen
  • 16-åring tok fyr i trafikken
  • Dobbeltgarasje i Sandvika
  • Det tok fyr i jakke på puben
  • Vaskeri-gulv tok fyr
  • Pengekoffert tok fyr (huff da..)
  • Pelletslager tok fyr
  • Varmepumper og varmetepper har tatt fyr
  • Pasient med stiv nakke tok fyr
  • Mons Ivar Mjelde tok fyr
  • Lavoen tok også fyr
  • Politibilen tok fyr
  • Elektrisk oljeovn tok fyr
  • En brannmann tok fyr under øvelse
  • Til og med brannsjefen tok fyr..

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