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On Cycling ’74’s site I found a video of a drum machine someone have made in Max/MSP. They use it with a cheap touch overlay and the result is very impressive. A real performance tool!

read more about the project here


I usually avoid writing about apple products, but this video is ok:

It’s Brian Eno’s ambient music application for Iphone or Ipod Touch. Just flick your finger on the screen and piano tones pops up. It’s relaxing!

I stumbled across a brilliant post on Synthopia, a video showing a demo of the project the Sound of Touch. The instrument is made by David Merrill at MIT and is based on using a contact microphone and DSP to record and manipulate the sounds. I’m glad to see that there’s still some good ideas out there. Just wish I could do something like that..

More aboute the project on this link
See some of David Merrillis other projects

Om man er registrert bruker av Audio Ease Altiverb kan man laste ned en impulsrespons fra Gol stavkirke som står på Norsk Folkemuseum på Bygdøy. Impulsrespons- og konvulsjonsteknologien har blitt veldig populær, men er kjent for å bruke mye minne og prosessorkraft. Altiverb går vel for å være en av de beste programmene for IR-klang, og de har et veldig stort utvalg av impulsresponser som man kan kjøpe til eller laste ned fra hjemmesiden deres. Men skal du ha programmet må du ut med iallefall 600Euro, noe som er i overkant mye synes nå jeg..

Gol stavkirke IR
Test av Altiverb versjon 5 i Sound On Sound
AudioEases nettbutikk

Skwrk (whatever that means) is a new front end to Csound that seems very promising. It claims to give Csound possibilities of real time rendering and automatic score generation. Still only for Windows, but that’s fine with me. Haven’t had a chance to try it out though..

The official Csound site
Checkout this cool music made with Csound

Surroundmiksing med JazzMutant Dexter

Les anmeldelse av Dexter i Future Music.
Eller hos SonicState – se videoen!
Nettsiden til JazzMutant.

Dexter er jo uten tvil en heftig kontroller, men prisen på 2700EUR er ganske høy.

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The reacTable

The ultimate multi touch gadget must be the reacTable from PFU in Barcelona, Spain.
Here is a video featuring the reacTable