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Listening to this video you can hear the spooky seismic sounds of the desperate male spider as he tries to approach his girlfriend for some sexual activity. The sounds are strange but fascinating, I think it sounds like a farmer trying to start a defect tractor. This video was made by researcher Damian O. Elias. He has written a scientific article about the spiders and the sounds they emit, you can read about it here (title of the article is “Seismic signals in a courting male jumping spider”). This picture is from that page, it shows the movement of the male spider and the sounds they emit at the various positions:


Spiders are fascinating creatures, but with their eight hairy eyes they are scary as well..
For more on jumping spiders, try the wikipedia article
There has recently been discovered some new types of jumping spiders along with about 50 other new species on Papua New-Guinea, see some pictures in norweigian paper Dagbladet