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Eowave Persephone MK2

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Eowave Persephone 2 features:

  • 2 analogue oscillators with tune, fine tune, space, 12dB LP filter, LFO
  • duophonic pressure and position sensitive ribbon, ribbon scale from 1 to 10 octave
  • 16 routing presets (8 fixed, 8 assignable),  modulation key, 2 pedal inputs, pressure on the ribbon
  • 4 CV outputs, MIDI in/out, audio out, USB
  • price: about 1000EUR ex VAT
  • available this summer

For those of you who don’t know it; this instrument is a modern day version of the famous Ondes Martenot invented 1928.

Eowave link:

Stanton SCS.3m touch mixer


Following the rather cool DJ gizmo SCS.3d comes another one in similar style, the SCS.3m MIDI controller / mixer. It can be used standalone as a MIDI mixer for software or together with the SCS.3d for DJ style mixing. It’s got 17 buttons, 11 sliders and 2 level meters with multicolored leds and a USB connection. It can even be magnetically connected to the SCS.3d. Cool stuff, I really like this kind of touch technology!


SM Pro Audio VRack


SM Pro is making a lot of smart products. Their VST instrument player box, V-Machine is already released, now a larger rack version is on the way, it’s called the V-Rack and has an online computer with intel core duo processor, ram and S-ATA connectors for harddrives. Here’s some of the other features:

  • 4 unbalanced inputs
  • 2 balanced inputs
  • 2 instrument inputs
  • Digital I/O (S/PDIF)
  • 2 balanced outputs
  • 2 unbalanced outputs
  • adjustable headphone amplifier
  • LAN connector
  • 4 USB Ports
  • USB to Host connector
  • MIDI In port

Look out for other products in the series; they are going to be making a a XL version (with hard disc) and a V-Pedal as well.
Here’s their site:

Jomox Mbase 11


German synth manufacturers Jomox has made a new version of their bass drum synthesizer, the MBase. It’s only capable of generating a kick drum, but it does so rather well. Actually I’ve been thinking about buying one for a while..



The Musikmesse always has a lot of goodies for modular lovers. Pictured here is the Klangwabe from a new german company. It’s got some smart solutions and innovations, and it looks good as well.. Klangwabes netsite is here, but it doesn’t say much at the moment.

If you’re very interested in modulars; check this video from Sonicstate where the cool Andreas Schneider from Schneiders Buero takes you on a guided tour throug some of their products:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now, that’s about all I have time for..

The first part of the Musikmesse post is here


The 2009 Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany started today. I’m not there but I read about it at Sonicstate, Harmony Central, Synthopia and Music Radar.

Here are some of the most exiting new products I’ve found:

Akai Miniak minisynth/vocoder


Developed by Akai together with Alesis, this is a promising new synth. Alesis hardware has in my opinion always felt a little bit cheap, but pairing Alesis VA synthesis together with Akai hardware seams like a good idea. It looks cool as well. Features include 3 oscillators, 2 inputs, 2 outputs, 8 voices, 8 part multitimbral, sequencer, drum machine, vocoder, fx and 600 presets. Sadly no USB.

More specs:

Presonus Studio One


This is Presonus’ take on a DAW, and if we could judge it by the looks, it’s a killer piece of software. Goodbye Cubase & ProTools?
Read about it at Presonus web site – there’s a video presentation of it as well.

Teenage Engineering OP-1


Well look at this, the swedes are about to do it again.. A totally new concept synth/controller unlike anything else at the moment. This looks great and has a lot of great ideas inside. Why can’t things like this come from Norway?

Teenage Engineering:

Novation SL MkII


The MIDI controller series from Novation gets even better! I own a Remote SL myself, and I love it. This new version is a bit different with touch sensitive knobs & faders, and back lit led buttons that gives better visual feedback. Besides it’s got better keyboard feel, and a more solid construction. The Zero verison (without the keys) will have longer faders than the other versions. Automap 3 is also working rather well! Read the press release here.

TC Electronic Nova


A delay pedal is an essential piece of gear for any guitarist. This one looks great, and with a list price of about 150USD it wont break the bank either. Read about it on TC’s website.

Doepfer Dark Energy


This small but very nice looking analogue monosynth has everything you will want from a monosynth; knobs, wooden cheeks, and multiple inputs/outputs for  integration into other systems. There’s only VCO, but it’s got the ability to be FM-modulated by the LFO or ADSR. It’s got two LFO’s, one low pass filter (24dB,12 octaves,  FM modulation, CV control), one ADSR envelope, and one VCA (with amplitude modulation). It has a built in USB MIDI-interface and it’s even got multiple CV inputs (and two outputs I think), and gate input and output. Wow, that’s a lot in a small package! Read all about the small wonder here:

Musikmesse so far
The synth trend this year is smaller is better. Stay tuned for more..

Part 2 of the Musikmesse post is here

Modular synth makers Plan B has a new digital oscillator capable of some cool sounds. Sonicstate has made a video presetation by inventor Pillip Gallo from the WinterNAMM 2009:

Part 1

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Part 2

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Why does swedish people pronounce english so badly?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Anyway, the Mellotron is kinda nice. This one here is handbuilt and has all the features of the original M400 model. A new function is the possibility to play at half speed. It’s made by sewdish company Mellotron Archives. There’s an old review of the Mellotron here.

Mellotron Archives has a really ugly site (as of january 2009)
You can order one here
If you can’t afford the $6800 price tag, try this insted. Recomended!

Delta Lab 2007

The Delta Lab studio in Copenhagen must be the best looking music studio in the world. Besides all the fancy architecture and design they’ve got some really good equipment, including over 50 syntesizers and more than a dozen vintage organs. Even the vinyl player in the studio looks rad:

Delta Lab 2007

The main studio is based around a ProTools HD2 Accel system and a Tweed/Neve console. They’ve got loads of top of the range outboard, including a lot of vintage quality items.

Delta Lab 2007
The Delta Lab control room

For contact info, gear list and more pictures, go to their website: []
They’ve also got their own Myspace page, it’s here (but no music though)
The studio even has it’s own blog with some interesting videos


The Gibson Dark Fire is more than a beautiful guitar; it also has some fancy technology inside:

  • The strings  can be tuned automatically as in the Gibson Robot Guitar released in 2007 – not to be confused with auto tune..
  • Two regular pickups, the Burstbucker 3 humbucker and a P-90H singlecoil
  • Each string has a piezo pickup routed to a hexaphonic output
  • Lots of tone options : the sound from the six piezos can also be blended with the humbuckers
  • Built in four band parametric EQ for pickups and piezos – a wider range of sounds
  • The Robot Interface Pack connects the guitar to your pc via firewire
  • If you buy it you also get a Dark Fire edition of Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3
  • The guitar can be controlled from Guitar Rig
  • Listprice 3,499 USD
  • So if you can afford a high quality guitar that not many others have, this is it!

Here’s a short demo featuring Dark Fire inventor Chris Adams:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Go to Gibsons Dark Fire page

På mandag var jeg på en veldig bra konsert med det legendariske bandet Einsürzende Neübauten. Bandet har en lang fartstid og en stor fanskare. Deres siste utgivelse heter Jewels og er satt sammen av sanger som de opprinnelig spilte inn og gav som gaver til fansen hver måned. Veldig bra plate! Filmen Crossing The Bridge kan også anbefales selv om den ikke handler om bandet. Det er en dokumentar av Fatih Akin med bassisten Alexander Hacke i hovedrollen. Filmen tar for seg musikkulturen i Tyrkia (både moderne og tradisjonell musikk) som presenteres av en lettere forvirret Hacke som går rundt i Istanbuls gater. Morsomt! Hacke lagde forøvrig filmmusikk til Akins mer kjente film Gegen die Wand som jeg gjerne vil se.