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Electronic artist Richard Devine makes very interesting but intensive music in the Aphex Twin/Autchre domain.  He has a nice studio in Altlanta. There’s a feature on Richard Devine and his studio on the electron-users netsite, read it now as PDF.

Listen to his music at Myspace
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Delta Lab 2007

The Delta Lab studio in Copenhagen must be the best looking music studio in the world. Besides all the fancy architecture and design they’ve got some really good equipment, including over 50 syntesizers and more than a dozen vintage organs. Even the vinyl player in the studio looks rad:

Delta Lab 2007

The main studio is based around a ProTools HD2 Accel system and a Tweed/Neve console. They’ve got loads of top of the range outboard, including a lot of vintage quality items.

Delta Lab 2007
The Delta Lab control room

For contact info, gear list and more pictures, go to their website: []
They’ve also got their own Myspace page, it’s here (but no music though)
The studio even has it’s own blog with some interesting videos