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Snazzy FX makes some of the coolest stompboxes. The Tracer City is one of them. Here is a short demo:

Snazzy FX homepage

It will cost you about 500$ and can be bought from

Analogue Haven in the US and
Schneiders Buero in Berlin


If you’re into DIY and got an Arduino board, why not try to make the FOF/granular based Auduino synth in this video?

Instructions are here

Here’s another example, using the stylus controller from the Gakken SX-150 synth kit:

I want to show you some of the cool things that can be done with OpenFrameworks. I start by showing the projects of someone who calles themselves Playmodes. They have made an audiovisual sampler, using Native Instruments Reaktor for the sounds (controlling it via OSC) and OF for recording, manipulating and playback of video. It looks like this:

Here’s another example:

Visit their website for more info:

The Resonator Neuronium isn’t new, but I found an excellent demo on Youtube:

Another one here:

This synth is made by Jomox synthguru Jürgen Michaelis. It’s sound is generated from six analoge resonating neurons making some fascinating evolving sounds. This is a boutiqe synth released in 2005, but you can still buy it if the price tag of 2500 euro doesn’t frighten you.

More info on Jomox product page
And here is a wiki page on neural networks

I stumbled across a brilliant post on Synthopia, a video showing a demo of the project the Sound of Touch. The instrument is made by David Merrill at MIT and is based on using a contact microphone and DSP to record and manipulate the sounds. I’m glad to see that there’s still some good ideas out there. Just wish I could do something like that..

More aboute the project on this link
See some of David Merrillis other projects

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Her sees Charles Cohen som spiller på en Buchla Music Easel modulær synth som det visstnok ble produsert bare 14 stykker av. Som det står i teksten til filmen er det mye bedre lyd med hodetelefoner!

For HD-kvalitet: