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If you’re into DIY and got an Arduino board, why not try to make the FOF/granular based Auduino synth in this video?

Instructions are here

Here’s another example, using the stylus controller from the Gakken SX-150 synth kit:


Through Pitchfork i found a video withe Doves doing the Black Cab Sessions. The concept is: find an artist, invite the artist with instruments into a cab, record a song. I’m a part time taxi driver, so for me this is a fun concept! No embedding of videos allowed, so to see the videos (about 80 until now) go here:

Artists include lambchop, Lykke Li, The Walkmen, Ane Brun, Our Broken Garden, Ryan Adams, Death Cab for Cutie, Fleet Foxes, The Raveonettes and even Brian Wilson!

Why are they such a great band?

Here is why:

This video is from their DVD Where we’re calling from, released 2003 – discovered by me today.

I want to show you some of the cool things that can be done with OpenFrameworks. I start by showing the projects of someone who calles themselves Playmodes. They have made an audiovisual sampler, using Native Instruments Reaktor for the sounds (controlling it via OSC) and OF for recording, manipulating and playback of video. It looks like this:

Here’s another example:

Visit their website for more info:

My favourite alt. country chick Neko Case has a new album, a tour that also includes Europe (but sadly not Norway), and she’s kind to animals as well. What a woman!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I suddenly rediscovered some material from the ARS Electronica festival, I was there in Linz, Austria in october. One part of the festival program is digital animation, and one of the best music videos we saw there has to be the song Black/White by danish band The Raveonettes. Check it out:

I really like Raveonettes music as well, they sound like a cross between the 50’s, The Ramones and The Jesus And Mary Chain..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I think Vimeo is the best videosite out there. The videos posted here have a much higher audio and video quality than the videos on Youtube. I’m very interested in data visualization, and this video visualizes and tells the story of the internet.

Here I sucessfully managed to use Vodpod to get a Vimeo video into my blog. Vodpod is a service where you can collect videos of different formats to your own Vodpod page and then publish the video to your blog, just like I have done here. Sadly it didn’t work with the quicktime movie format (see earlier post). Another function that doesn’t work is the full screen option, at least not on the video posted here. You can install Vodpod as an extension if you use Firefox. When you find a video Vodpod has recognized, a big yellow symbol will appear on it. The video can then be posted directly to your blog by pushing a symbol in your browser’s toolbar. Pretty neat stuff!