Music links

Here are some of the music I’ve stumbled across on MySpace & Spotify. The artists represents different kinds of music, but most of it has en experimental edge. I hope you’ll find some of it interesting!

Matmos (US) – space techno // Spotify // Myspace

Gry Bagøyen (DK) – atmospheric electronic // Myspace

Tree Wave (US) – ancient computers // Myspace

Polly Scattergood (UK) – moody alternative // Myspace

The Williams (NO) – fresh norwegian indie // Myspace

Firefox AK (SWE) – modern disco // Spotify // Myspace

DJ Dubfire (US) – minimal techno & house // Myspce

Alva Noto

Alva Noto (DE) – minimal, experimental & glitchy techno

Ryoji Ikeda (FR) – glitch, clicks, minimal

Terje Isungset (NO) – norways best percussionist

Lukas Ligeti (AT/USA) – experimental, classical, world

Alog (NO) – smart electronic music

Tim Hecker (CAN) – beautiful ambient

Marcel Dettmann (DE) – german techno

M83 (FR) – dreamy alternative / electronic

Fujiya & Miyagi (UK) – technokrautrock

Cut Copy (AUS) – good sounding, smart pop

Elijah B Torn (USA) – strange IDM w/weird sounds


Nadja (CAN) – drones, experimental

Max Richter (UK) – ambient and minimal classical

Mogwai (UK) – instrumental alternative rock

Vampire Weekend (US) – happy indiepop

Ulver (NO) – former black metallers gone electronic

The Pipettes (UK) – retro pop

Deerhunter (USA) – alternative rock

Pink Mountaintops (CAN) – alternative psychedelic folk pop

Car Crash Set (NZ) – synthetic new wave

Anna Logue Records (GER) – the best record label ever?

Omid 16B (UK) – well produced house / techno

Soulsavers (UK) – alternative electronic soul

Elin Palmer (SWE) – interesting stuff

The Durutti Column (UK) – my favourite guitarist, Vinie Reilly

Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes)
Bat For Lashes

Bat For Lashes (UK) – beautiful atmosphere

Telefon Tel Aviv (US) – electronic


Tuxedomoon (US) – post punk

Neko Case (US) – alternative country

Sol Seppy (UK) – alternative

Invisiblegirl (UK) – alternative, electronic

Zoot Woman (UK) – electronic pop

Draup (NO) – makes music with glass, very beautiful

Micronaut (US) – electronic music

Petit Mal (UK) – just brilliant

Petit Mal

Volcano Choir (US) – Justin (Bon Iver) Vernon’s side project

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