Here are some screenshots from my touchscreen music application, OSCController. It’s made with openFrameworks. It will be available for download soon.

The sounds in the application is mostly based on loading your own samples. The audio is handled in Max/MSP.

This is what the max patch look like:


Here’s a list of features:

  • 16 step drum  sequencer – 12 sounds – 32 pattern memories
  • 16 step synth sequencer + simple synth engine
  • granular effect – all sounds can be routed here
  • 4 effects: reverb (VST), delay (VST), ring mod and fm
  • mixer
  • record what you’re playing
  • sample player keyboard for up to 25 sounds with simple sequencer
  • signals are sent via OSC to Max/MSP

This is not a commercial product, it’s my master degree project in music technology. When everything is ready I will put it up here for download.

  1. Leah says:

    would I be able to get the patch file for this?

    I’d love to have a good look at the inner workings 🙂

    looks awesome!

    • Alfred says:

      Hello, sorry I’ve been a little lazy on wordpress the last months. You can have the sourcecode if you want, I can send it to you on mail, just post once more here, then I’ll do it.. Al

  2. Philip Clevberger says:


    Cool project! Well done

    I have just started using Open Frameworks, Im a flash developer by trade, digging into something new.
    I just started to learn OF last week, so I haven’t got that far yet. I’m building a sequencer connected to a web cam talking to Max/MSP. I got a air few parts working. But I need to be able to do a super steady interval to ge the sequencer to run smoothly. I wonder if you would mind sharing the loop you are using in your project?

    Feel free to email it to me

    best regards and thanks in adnvance

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