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Check out this video with Dr. Robert Schneider and Elijah Wood presenting a new kind of synth controller:

By the way, the new Apples in Stereo record is here


I really like the looks of the new Telemark synth from Analogue Solutions. After selling my small modular I’m looking into buying a new modular, and maybe the Telemark could be the start of a new system?

Anyway, here’s a great demo of the new synth. Below is a demo of the original Oberheim SEM that Telemark is modelled after.

Music Radar has a review of the Telemark synth, read it here

Through wire to the ear I discovered a new modular synth for the Iphone. I usually don’t bother to mention that particular phone too often, but this time I’ll do it, and just because the program I’m talking about is so bloody cool. The program in question is called Jasuto. It’s a soft synth that wire to the ear compare with the Reactable, but imo it’s a lot cooler than that (and a lot more portable as well). Besides, its available, and it don’t cost much; price is 1$ from the Apple shop. Here’s a demo:

There’s a VST available as well, it can be downloaded here (for free). I haven’t had time to test it yet..
VST version is written in C++ using OpenGL and the multiplatform Juce library.

Go to website:

I stumbled across an interview with synth engineer an inventor of MIDI, Dave Smith. He founded the company Sequential Circuits back in the 70’s, SC is most known for the popular Prophet 5 analogue synth released in 1978. This was the first polyphonic analogue synth, and the first one to include a patch memory system making it possible to store the sounds you created. The company later made the Prophet VS vector synth in 1986. SC was sold to Yamaha Corporation in 1987. Smith then started working for Korg R&D in California and there he helped create the Korg Wavestation synth (1990), based on the vector technology from the Prophet VS. In the 90’s he was president of Seer Systems, a company known for the first commercial software synthesizer, Reality, released in 1997. He then started Dave Smith Instruments and the digital/analogue hybrid synth DSI Evolver (2002) was their first product . They later made a new eight voice version of the Prophet, called the Prophet ’08. Dave Smith Instruments latest synth is the MoPho, a small one voice analoge monster based on the Prophet ’08.

Episode 1

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 2

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 3

Vodpod videos no longer available.

* The logo of Prophet 5 synth uses the Stop font by Aldo Novarese. It could be yours for NOK 341. Wikipedia is great!
* The “First synth to..” list on Matrixsynth

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver is a great little monosynth

I found a nice video on Youtube that demonstrates the interesting results you can achieve with the DSI Evolver:

Here’s a smart Youtube tip: add “&fmt=18” at the end of the video url and you’ve got a stereo version of the video! I’m not sure if this applies to every video.. Check the difference in sound quality of the above video by listening to the mono version here:

As you can hear, the stereo version is a lot better. With the DSI Evolver you can make some very interesting stereo sounds, and it’s probably one of the most inspiring synths to program if you’re after some nice evolving sounds.

There exists an alternative manual for Evolver, its called The Definitive Guide to Evolver. It’s made by Anu Kirk and can be downloaded from this location:

Evolver resources on the net:

Does anyboy know other resources on the Evolver? Please post a comment..

The Resonator Neuronium isn’t new, but I found an excellent demo on Youtube:

Another one here:

This synth is made by Jomox synthguru Jürgen Michaelis. It’s sound is generated from six analoge resonating neurons making some fascinating evolving sounds. This is a boutiqe synth released in 2005, but you can still buy it if the price tag of 2500 euro doesn’t frighten you.

More info on Jomox product page
And here is a wiki page on neural networks

There’s a cool new synth made in Germany called the RozzBox V2.  It looks like this:



  • 4 oscilaltors plus noise, external input and ring modulation
  • waveforms: saw, pwm (pulse), triangle and wave
  • 14 additional waveforms +  2 waveforms that can be drawn by hand
  • 2 serial filters pr voice – one digital (lowpass/highpass), one analoge (low pass, 4 pole)
  • an expandend version of the synth has an extra tube filter
  • 4 operator FM engine with 7 algorithms
  • 2 adsr envelopes
  • 2 lfos
  • 4 independent sequencers pr voice
  • lots of hard wired modulations
  • 4 matrix modulations
  • each voice can be programmed and sequenced individually
  • MIDI in/out
  • Envelope follower input
  • Audio input
  • Individual outputs per voice (5) and main out
  • there’s even a serious controller for the synth called the RozzControl
  • up to 5 voices

Here’s a picture of the RozzControl, it’s mean!


Go to the Rozzbox website for sound demos

Expected prices
from the Rozzbox website

(this synth is not yet available)
RozzBox One V2 Synthesizer
1 voice:  560,00 Euro
1 voice w/ 1 tube filter: 839,00 Euro
5 voices: 939,00 Euro
5 voices w/ 1 tube filter: 1199,00 Euro
The RozzControl: 430,00 Euro

More info
L.L.Electronics website:
Post (with video) on Synthopia