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Through wire to the ear I discovered a new modular synth for the Iphone. I usually don’t bother to mention that particular phone too often, but this time I’ll do it, and just because the program I’m talking about is so bloody cool. The program in question is called Jasuto. It’s a soft synth that wire to the ear compare with the Reactable, but imo it’s a lot cooler than that (and a lot more portable as well). Besides, its available, and it don’t cost much; price is 1$ from the Apple shop. Here’s a demo:

There’s a VST available as well, it can be downloaded here (for free). I haven’t had time to test it yet..
VST version is written in C++ using OpenGL and the multiplatform Juce library.

Go to website:


The 2009 Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany started today. I’m not there but I read about it at Sonicstate, Harmony Central, Synthopia and Music Radar.

Here are some of the most exiting new products I’ve found:

Akai Miniak minisynth/vocoder


Developed by Akai together with Alesis, this is a promising new synth. Alesis hardware has in my opinion always felt a little bit cheap, but pairing Alesis VA synthesis together with Akai hardware seams like a good idea. It looks cool as well. Features include 3 oscillators, 2 inputs, 2 outputs, 8 voices, 8 part multitimbral, sequencer, drum machine, vocoder, fx and 600 presets. Sadly no USB.

More specs:

Presonus Studio One


This is Presonus’ take on a DAW, and if we could judge it by the looks, it’s a killer piece of software. Goodbye Cubase & ProTools?
Read about it at Presonus web site – there’s a video presentation of it as well.

Teenage Engineering OP-1


Well look at this, the swedes are about to do it again.. A totally new concept synth/controller unlike anything else at the moment. This looks great and has a lot of great ideas inside. Why can’t things like this come from Norway?

Teenage Engineering:

Novation SL MkII


The MIDI controller series from Novation gets even better! I own a Remote SL myself, and I love it. This new version is a bit different with touch sensitive knobs & faders, and back lit led buttons that gives better visual feedback. Besides it’s got better keyboard feel, and a more solid construction. The Zero verison (without the keys) will have longer faders than the other versions. Automap 3 is also working rather well! Read the press release here.

TC Electronic Nova


A delay pedal is an essential piece of gear for any guitarist. This one looks great, and with a list price of about 150USD it wont break the bank either. Read about it on TC’s website.

Doepfer Dark Energy


This small but very nice looking analogue monosynth has everything you will want from a monosynth; knobs, wooden cheeks, and multiple inputs/outputs for  integration into other systems. There’s only VCO, but it’s got the ability to be FM-modulated by the LFO or ADSR. It’s got two LFO’s, one low pass filter (24dB,12 octaves,  FM modulation, CV control), one ADSR envelope, and one VCA (with amplitude modulation). It has a built in USB MIDI-interface and it’s even got multiple CV inputs (and two outputs I think), and gate input and output. Wow, that’s a lot in a small package! Read all about the small wonder here:

Musikmesse so far
The synth trend this year is smaller is better. Stay tuned for more..

Part 2 of the Musikmesse post is here


Bill Buxton of Microsoft research has made an overview of what has happened in multi-touch research. For those of you who thought multi-touch first came with Jeff Han or the Iphone, have a look at this page. The picture on top here is from the Multi-Touch Tablet developed at Toronto University in 1985.

By the way, what is Jeff Han up to now? This video shows him demonstrating a new type of bidirectional LEDs capable of sensing your fingers. Check it out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More about this project here.


Electronic artist Richard Devine makes very interesting but intensive music in the Aphex Twin/Autchre domain.  He has a nice studio in Altlanta. There’s a feature on Richard Devine and his studio on the electron-users netsite, read it now as PDF.

Listen to his music at Myspace
Also check out

RozzBox update: I found a couple of interesting videos on youtube showing the RozzBox V2:

The following video shows an old RozzBox (not V2) used with a Monome 128 controller:

Pretty cool stuff!

The Resonator Neuronium isn’t new, but I found an excellent demo on Youtube:

Another one here:

This synth is made by Jomox synthguru Jürgen Michaelis. It’s sound is generated from six analoge resonating neurons making some fascinating evolving sounds. This is a boutiqe synth released in 2005, but you can still buy it if the price tag of 2500 euro doesn’t frighten you.

More info on Jomox product page
And here is a wiki page on neural networks

There’s a cool new synth made in Germany called the RozzBox V2.  It looks like this:



  • 4 oscilaltors plus noise, external input and ring modulation
  • waveforms: saw, pwm (pulse), triangle and wave
  • 14 additional waveforms +  2 waveforms that can be drawn by hand
  • 2 serial filters pr voice – one digital (lowpass/highpass), one analoge (low pass, 4 pole)
  • an expandend version of the synth has an extra tube filter
  • 4 operator FM engine with 7 algorithms
  • 2 adsr envelopes
  • 2 lfos
  • 4 independent sequencers pr voice
  • lots of hard wired modulations
  • 4 matrix modulations
  • each voice can be programmed and sequenced individually
  • MIDI in/out
  • Envelope follower input
  • Audio input
  • Individual outputs per voice (5) and main out
  • there’s even a serious controller for the synth called the RozzControl
  • up to 5 voices

Here’s a picture of the RozzControl, it’s mean!


Go to the Rozzbox website for sound demos

Expected prices
from the Rozzbox website

(this synth is not yet available)
RozzBox One V2 Synthesizer
1 voice:  560,00 Euro
1 voice w/ 1 tube filter: 839,00 Euro
5 voices: 939,00 Euro
5 voices w/ 1 tube filter: 1199,00 Euro
The RozzControl: 430,00 Euro

More info
L.L.Electronics website:
Post (with video) on Synthopia