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Snazzy FX makes some of the coolest stompboxes. The Tracer City is one of them. Here is a short demo:

Snazzy FX homepage

It will cost you about 500$ and can be bought from

Analogue Haven in the US and
Schneiders Buero in Berlin



Analogue Solutions has made a rack-mount version of their Semblance synth and called it Telemark. It seems like it’s got some additional controls (or a matrix?) as well, but there’s no more specific information yet. The Semblance itself is a clone of the Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module). I like the look of this thing.

Macbeth Studio Systems, makers of the cool M5N modular synth, has a new small keyboard synth in production. Its called the X-Factor and it looks like this (click for a big version):


I know, this small picture makes it look like a VST-plugin, but this one is real harware

Features include:

  • 3 oscillators with the usual waveforms, but also sine wave
  • Oscilaltor section has some additional parameters (pulse-width, symmetry, envelope  amount)
  • Modulator (that’s another name for LFO) – can be used for oscillator, filter and fm-modulation
  • Pink & white noise and external input
  • Filter/ Resonator
  • 2 envelope generators
  • Reverb! That’s a welcome feature
  • Keyboard with 44 keys (3.5 octaves)
  • Pitch bend and mod wheel
  • CV inputs and gate
  • Additional separate CV inputs to oscillators and filter
  • Separate outputs for oscillators, noise, LFO/Modulator and envelope generators

That’s a great set of features! No price and release date yet.

For more on Macbeth, here’s the page:

Similar product is the Analogue Solutions Leipzig-k keyboard, but this one has only 2 oscillators

The germans also pronounce english bad, but they’ve got some great synthesizers:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is the new synth from Radikal Technologies, the Spectralis 2. Check out the audio demos, it sounds fantastic!

Link: Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2

There’s a cool new synth made in Germany called the RozzBox V2.  It looks like this:



  • 4 oscilaltors plus noise, external input and ring modulation
  • waveforms: saw, pwm (pulse), triangle and wave
  • 14 additional waveforms +  2 waveforms that can be drawn by hand
  • 2 serial filters pr voice – one digital (lowpass/highpass), one analoge (low pass, 4 pole)
  • an expandend version of the synth has an extra tube filter
  • 4 operator FM engine with 7 algorithms
  • 2 adsr envelopes
  • 2 lfos
  • 4 independent sequencers pr voice
  • lots of hard wired modulations
  • 4 matrix modulations
  • each voice can be programmed and sequenced individually
  • MIDI in/out
  • Envelope follower input
  • Audio input
  • Individual outputs per voice (5) and main out
  • there’s even a serious controller for the synth called the RozzControl
  • up to 5 voices

Here’s a picture of the RozzControl, it’s mean!


Go to the Rozzbox website for sound demos

Expected prices
from the Rozzbox website

(this synth is not yet available)
RozzBox One V2 Synthesizer
1 voice:  560,00 Euro
1 voice w/ 1 tube filter: 839,00 Euro
5 voices: 939,00 Euro
5 voices w/ 1 tube filter: 1199,00 Euro
The RozzControl: 430,00 Euro

More info
L.L.Electronics website:
Post (with video) on Synthopia

I found a review of this new Sony field recorder written by Mark Nelson. Read it here. There have been lots of these small recorders popping up the last few years. I have the 1st geeration M-Audio Microtrack that I bought when there weren’t that many to choose from. I’d much rather want this for the audio quality.

I want a Weird Sound Generator so I can learn to solder and learn to make things myself. Stein from who recently bought my synth got me inspired to make some electronics myself. Besides, I’m also planning to use the wiring electronic board for my masters project. I got two of them, they’re quite similar to the arduino boards, only better with more possibilities. The problem is I get bored too easily..