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Check out this video with Dr. Robert Schneider and Elijah Wood presenting a new kind of synth controller:

By the way, the new Apples in Stereo record is here


Through wire to the ear I discovered a new modular synth for the Iphone. I usually don’t bother to mention that particular phone too often, but this time I’ll do it, and just because the program I’m talking about is so bloody cool. The program in question is called Jasuto. It’s a soft synth that wire to the ear compare with the Reactable, but imo it’s a lot cooler than that (and a lot more portable as well). Besides, its available, and it don’t cost much; price is 1$ from the Apple shop. Here’s a demo:

There’s a VST available as well, it can be downloaded here (for free). I haven’t had time to test it yet..
VST version is written in C++ using OpenGL and the multiplatform Juce library.

Go to website:


Bill Buxton of Microsoft research has made an overview of what has happened in multi-touch research. For those of you who thought multi-touch first came with Jeff Han or the Iphone, have a look at this page. The picture on top here is from the Multi-Touch Tablet developed at Toronto University in 1985.

By the way, what is Jeff Han up to now? This video shows him demonstrating a new type of bidirectional LEDs capable of sensing your fingers. Check it out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More about this project here.

I usually avoid writing about apple products, but this video is ok:

It’s Brian Eno’s ambient music application for Iphone or Ipod Touch. Just flick your finger on the screen and piano tones pops up. It’s relaxing!

Microsoft har tidligere vist databordet Surface, en skjerm på størrelse med et kafébord som er lagd for interaksjon mellom mennesker. Nå har imidlertid Microsoft demonstrert det nye operativsystemet Windows 7 som innehar de samme multitouchmulighetene som Surface. Apple har allerede lansert en form for multitouch i sin MacBook Air. Her er det ikke snakk om en skjerm, men en spesiell trackpad der man kan bruke flere fingre samtidig. Windows 7 skal ikke lanseres før omkring 2010.

Her er en demonstrasjonsvideo av multitouchmulighetene i Windows 7 – ingenting nytt under stjernene akkurat, men videoen viser i det minste at MS vil satse på denne teknologien i fremtiden.

Artikkel fra All Things Digital, Wall Street Journals konferanse. Dette sitatet fra Bill gates er hentet derfra:

“Gates says it’s the beginning of an era of computing based on a new hierarchy of input systems. Today the machine is really set up for one person to sit at a keyboard. “We’re at an interesting junction,” he says. “In the next few years, the roles of speech, gesture, vision, ink, all of those will become huge. For the person at home and the person at work, that interaction will change dramatically.”

Forresten, datamaskina som brukes i demovideoen er en Dell Latitude XT som er den eneste datamaskina som har innebygd multitouchskjerm med kapasitans berøringsteknologi fra N-Trig.

Engadget bringer nyheten om at MS skal slippe SDKet (Software Development Kit) for utvikling av Windows 7 multitouch applikasjoner i Oktober. Les Engadgets post her

This video shows that a bag of colored water can be used as a multi-touch input. Very smart indeed, but video projection on a flat bag of dyed water might not give the best results. Original blog post and discussion can be found here.

Multitouch assembly kit

Now you can buy a DIY multitouch kit!
You will also need a projector and a modified web cam.
More about the project:

More DIY multitouch:
NUI Group – makers of the Touchlib library (NUI = natural User Interface)