Here’s a DVD documentary about one of the greates composers of electroacoustic music, Pierre Henry.

It’s called The Art Of Sounds and it was made in 2006. Buy it here (


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MFB has recently posted some Soundcloud demos of the forthcoming MFB Dominion X synthesizer. Here’s an example:

The synth sounds little bit Moogy. It’s got 3 oscillators, 2 LFOs, 2 EGs  and an included Schippman filter. It’s also got 9 patchpoints too hook it up to your euro-style modular synth. And it’s also possible to save patches, a great feature.

Video here

More electric independence videos from Motherboard at this location

Check out this video with Dr. Robert Schneider and Elijah Wood presenting a new kind of synth controller:

By the way, the new Apples in Stereo record is here

Snazzy FX makes some of the coolest stompboxes. The Tracer City is one of them. Here is a short demo:

Snazzy FX homepage

It will cost you about 500$ and can be bought from

Analogue Haven in the US and
Schneiders Buero in Berlin

I really like the looks of the new Telemark synth from Analogue Solutions. After selling my small modular I’m looking into buying a new modular, and maybe the Telemark could be the start of a new system?

Anyway, here’s a great demo of the new synth. Below is a demo of the original Oberheim SEM that Telemark is modelled after.

Music Radar has a review of the Telemark synth, read it here

The Finger is a new live multieffect for NI Kore and Reaktor platforms. In this video you’ll see Tim Exile presenting the software he’s made:

Check out Tim Exiles blog here
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