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The C++-based OSC-controler I’ve been working on for my master degree in music technology is nearly finished.
Here is a screenshot:


As you can see it’s on Windows, but since I’ve been using the openFrameworks library, it should be possible to compile it for Mac and Linux as well.
The sound is generated in Max. The only thing you have to do in Max is load samples, everything else can be controlled from the application itself.

Here are some of the features:

  • 16 step drum sequencer with individual settings per step and the ability to store patches
  • 16 step synth sequencer (a little cheesy at the moment, but it might become cooler) based on a simple synth design with saw, recangle and noise oscillators + filters and envelope
  • For the step sequencer, you can adjust BPM and lenght (1 to 16 steps)
  • Sampler with 25 voices with looping. Each voice has it’s own filter, distortion and frequency reduction effect and it’s own send to grain
  • Pitch controller per sample voice
  • Samples can be sequenced, but for now it’s only note on and note off
  • 4 effects; reverb, delay, ring-mod and flipper (FM-style modulation) – for delay and reverb effects I use freware VST-effects (for best result)
  • Granular effect – audio output form every synthstep, drumstep and sample voice can be sent here
  • Circle-based effect parameter editing
  • Audio recorder – controls audio recording in max
  • Mixer with 7 channels: drum, synth, sampler, granular, fx, audio recorder, and main
  • Each channel has it’s own volume and pan controls, and sends to the four effects (excluding the effects, audio recorder and main channels)
  • It’s sadly not possible to save patch settings (exept for the drum sequencer)
  • Different screens is selected with tab-buttons on the left side
  • Signals are sent via Open Sound Control to Max

The program is made primaraly for use with a touch-screen monitor, but it’s of course possible to use a regular mouse. No support for multitouch.

Here’s a little example I made, please be aware of loud noisy sounds:

The file is about 20 minutes and 30MB so it might take some time to load it completely.
It’s improvised, and besides converting to MP3, I’ve done nothing with it after recording.
Here I use the sampler, loaded with single shot drum sounds. They are played back at different speeds and the sound is sent to the granulator and the other effects.

It’s also possible to make some less experimental music with the application. I will post more examples later..


I’m currently working hard on my master degree project. I’m making a controller / sequencer interface program for touch screen (sadly no multi-touch yet). The program will have various functions, among them the drum sequencer that you can see in this picture:


(never mind the colors, they are a little bit ugly)

When the sequencer is running, the signal settings of each drumstep is sent via Open Sound Control to the sound engine that will be a dsp program written in Max/MSP. In other words; my program will only function as a control sequencer with no internal audio. I’m hoping to be finished by the end of march, but there is still some work left I’m afraid..

Surroundmiksing med JazzMutant Dexter

Les anmeldelse av Dexter i Future Music.
Eller hos SonicState – se videoen!
Nettsiden til JazzMutant.

Dexter er jo uten tvil en heftig kontroller, men prisen på 2700EUR er ganske høy.

openFrameworks, et bibliotek for C++ som jeg bruker i min masteroppgave har fått ny framside på nettsiden sin:

Her presenteres nå forskjellige prosjekter som er lagd med hjelp av biblioteket.

openFrameworks er en slags C++variant av det populære Processing som gjør det enkelt å programmere applikasjoner som inkluderer audio, video, bilder, fonter og interaksjon. Siste versjon, 0.05, gir også muligheten til å sende og motta OSC. Altså akkurat det jeg trenger til masteroppgava. Har jobba med openFrameworks fem-seks måneder nå. Biblioteket er et utmerket verktøy til å lære programmering!