Natalie Curtis

Posted: 20. f 2009 in people, photography
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Photo of Natalie Curtisby by Claire Greenway/Getty Images Entertainment

Did you ever wonder what Ian Curtis’ daughter Natalie looked like? I did. This picture was taken at a screening of the movie Control in London. The movie is based on the book Touching From A Distance written by her mother Deborah and is about the troubled life of Ian Curtis and the band Joy Division. Natalie was born in 1979, one year before her legendary father took his own life. Since the age of four Natalie has been interested in taking pictures, and she is now working as a photographer in Manchester. “Photographs of Joy Division probably had more effect on me than anything else, especially those by Kevin Cummins and Anton Corbijn” she says in an interview.

Another picture: Natalie and Deborah
A divided joy – Natalies own words about seeing the life of her father on screen
Another interview with her is here
And even more from Natalie herself talking about Control

  1. Moisés C.D. Marcón says:

    Yeah, I had wonder that some time now, and you help me see –thank you. She have Ian’s deep and penetrating eyes, she looks sincere. He is still with us through her and his music –thank you Ian.

  2. lewis says:

    Natalie is very stunning and I have been wondering for some time what she looks like, you can tell she is Ian’s Daughter. Iam a massive fan of Ian and Joy Divisions music and want to keep finding out more. So thankyou for the picture

  3. Steve F says:

    You can see Ian in her face immediately, Ian and Joy Division were – are – and always will be the best.

  4. ange says:

    Hi Nat,
    Just listening here to your dad ian.
    He was a great musician and his music is still so loved today.
    Love will tear us apart again reached no.1 in the top 100 on Triple j last year, an aussie radio station.
    That’s out of every song in existence.

    Hope you and your mum are doing well these days.
    My facebook addy is Angela-Jane Barclay if you wanna chat

  5. Gah. says:

    She has those eyes which stare into the distance behind you, just like Ian did.
    Lets hope she has a fifth of his artistic talent.

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